You are perfectly right. Your decision to write the book, which to all intent and purposes makes it your autobiography, is not only courageous, but also timely, an immeasurable service to your colleagues in the medical profession and, a sobering vade mecum for the general reader. It is both a fruitful source of inspiration as well as a book of “lessons’’ to everybody. I have been regarded as notorious for keeping to time but I can see that you have beaten me to it. The other thing is that, I have not read as widely as you have done! People have been peddling rumours about me that I have even memorised the dictionary. They have not stated which of the different types of dictionaries. Given the number and variety of publications you have read, you deserve to be regarded as a walking encyclopaedia. Keep it up! It is great. Specifically, the following are my observations or comments on the book:

I. The author is incredibly well read outside the area of his specialisation. The only scientist that I can liken to Dr. Bukar is Professor Tam David West, the famous Virologist of the University of Ibadan and former Minister of petroleum. Even scholars of humanities and social sciences will envy Dr. Bukar regarding the diversity of the works he has read.

II. The book has been crafted in such a manner that, whoever picks it to read will not put it down until he/she had gone through it, cover to cover. This is so because each page is “spiced’’ with words of wisdom, proverbs, advice and how Nigeria “works".

III. It is a treasure for all professionals, full of extremely useful pieces of advice, inspiration and silent admonishment, lessons and the near uniqueness of the Nigerian condition. It could serve as a guide to all categories of people; young and old; women and men.

IV. His forthrightness, courage, frankness and honesty cannot be matched. It is difficult to find a person who would be brave enough to say some of the things he has written about himself.

V. The exposition and narration are philosophical and hilarious; driven by rich words of wisdom; full of insights into human behaviour; wits and humour.

VI. It is readable, with good command of written expression in English language.

VII. The style of presentation, starting every chapter with a quotation from statesmen, philosophers and scholars and literacy icons, is refreshing.

VIII. It is highly recommended.

Professor Abdullahi mahadi, CON
Former Vice Chancellor, Ahmadu Bello University,
Zaria and President, the mahadi Foundation.

I have gone through your book and I must confess that I am highly impressed and very appreciative of your contributions to humanity. Your reading habit, knowledge and experience as epitomised in this book are, to say the least, fantastic. I therefore feel that the university is your rightful place. You should not regret being there because your potential for intellectual contributions is enormous. Your Frank Herbert quotation, ‘that there is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story’ is very apt. Your intellectual contributions should continue without real ending while you live. I wish you the best in your future endeavours and I look forward to reading more of your books.

Abubakar B. Jauro, OON
Retired Federal Permanent secretary & Former Secretary-INEC.

It is an amazing unique biography of the author set on a societal background. While some aspects dwell on captivating day-to-day life in northern Nigeria, others are chilling, cold narratives bordering on the brink of abyss… It is a must-read inspiring piece to those interested in how fate, choice and society mould an individual.

Dr. Ibrahim Modibbo Umar, PhD
Foreign Affairs, Abuja.

I have known the author since 1987 when we enrolled into the remedial programme at UNIMAID. I became close to him because we shared many things in common including honesty, sincerity, forthrightness and dedication to duty. I have known him to be a writer since our undergraduate days. There are so many things the author had told me when we were undergraduates. The fact that he has written about those issues much the same way he had told me over 20 years ago speaks volumes about his truthfulness. The book touched on virtually all aspects of human endeavour and people from all walks of life would learn from it. It is indeed a book of inspiration. A big lesson to learn from, as exposed in part 15, is the case of his driver who was killed. If he had not reported the case to the police in good time, the story would have been different. This teaches us that doing the right thing at the right time is a fantastic attribute.

Dr. Mohammed I. Guduf
Federal Medical Centre, Gombe

This is a brilliant retentive memory of life events. Last chapter was, however, unfortunate.

Dr. Donatus D. Kizaya
Kwali General Hospital, Abuja.

To my knowledge this book contains stories told the way they happened without exaggerations. It is therefore a book that gives a true and practical lesson. All people from all facets of human endeavour stand to gain from it.

Dr. Aliyu mohammed Kodiya
University of maiduguri.

I enjoyed reading through the book. It is truly original and full of experiences to learn from. If one looks at the society in general, I think parents will have a lot to gain from the book and, if translated into actions, the society will be better off. It will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for the youth.

Dr. mohammed Abdullahi talle
University of maiduguri.

The most interesting part of the book is your life in Auno. It was really pathetic. The book is full of events. I read it almost at one sitting. It was when I read this story that I realised that despite all that I had been through with you from secondary school days to university, at the Teaching Hospital, during your internship, during visits while you were in Gombe, Yola, in your brother’s house in Maiduguri, etc., I knew you so little. Your life as corp member is really a nice episode: My eyes were filled with tears when I read through the days of your NYSC. I now realise the Bukar I thought I knew is beyond what I had imagined. You have indeed achieved what is desired of you in life and I still believe that the sky is your limit.

Alhaji suleiman Bashir Abba
University of Wukari.

Congratulations on the penning of a very stimulating and inspiring manuscript. Generations of Nigerians will have you to thank for telling them your story – a story of hard work, integrity and of the fear of God.

Dr. Ayo Ojebode,
University of Ibadan.

A Father’s Legacy is a book I read with nostalgic memories. It was like my history written by a bosom friend. For me the book is a must-read companion, a masterpiece that reminded me of my distant past.

Dr. Bashiru Aliyu
Modibbo Adamawa University of technology, Yola.

A person will always be what he is destined to be under any situation. A pupil admitted first into an Arabic Teachers College ending up as a medical doctor and eventually as a gynaecologist. This has been the result of hard work and persistence. This is a must-read book for the younger generation.

Hajiya Dijatu Balla
Proprietor, nadi International school, Yola.

Authorship has become part of Mohammed’s life. This book reminds me of my struggles, a significant part of which we shared together. I think this is the best of the books he has written so far.

Dr. Ahmed Mayun
University of maiduguri.

It is very impressive the memory recall; how the author can recall with canny details events of yesteryears. The book is highly inspirational and shows that with good parental guidance and perhaps with ‘good luck’, a village child could achieve ‘uncommon transformation’ and have his name written in the books of who-is-who. The book also, I believe, will be an inspiration to others to write their history so that at the end of the day our collective histories will be available to future generations. The story also gives hope to the ‘street urchins’, as he called the almajirai and the downtrodden; that no matter your background, you can reach the pinnacle in your life. All that you need is supportive parents, and perhaps a mentor. The book is a must-read for youngsters as well as for the ‘elders’ who should learn to mentor.

Dr. Alkali Umar
National Assembly, Abuja.

The book is adequately educative and informative. The author has captured a true-lifetime experience which touches a lot of individuals. The lesson therein encompasses experiences that will be very useful to the younger ones and to our leaders.

Musa Halilu
Modibbo Adamawa University of technology, Yola.

The book is written with an unbiased mind. The writer is objective with no inclination to a particular region, religion or tribe. The book needs to be taught to our children in nursery schools where seeds of sentiments are often planted in their minds.

Pharmacist Usman Buba Awak
Federal medical Centre, Gombe.

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